Brace for Chimpact!

What’s the worst you put up with on your commute home from work every day? Traffic jams? Getting cut off by jerks that believe their time is vastly more important than yours? Well, suck it up. Chuck the chimp has to endure spiders, bees, and poisonous plants on his trip home, and he doesn’t even get to sit in a temperature-controlled car. No, his only method of getting around is to be catapulted from one vine to the next, as demonstrated in Chimpact for iOS.


Chimpact‘s hairy protagonist, Chuck, is a banana-loving chimp who lives in the jungle. Life isn’t all about chilling out and scarfing down fruit, though: Chuck needs to get home, and you’re going to have to summon your years of experience with physics-based games to get him safely on his way.

Conveniently springy jungle vines are scattered to and fro, so your job is to use them to slingshot Chuck from place to place. Though he primarily needs to go up, up, up, you can also shoot him from side to side to help him collect bananas, which can be redeemed for power-ups (and also, bananas are just awesome).

Chimpact Chimpact

Chimpact is coming to the App Store soon, so you shouldn’t have to wait long for the opportunity to make a monkey’s uncle of yourself.