Transform and roll out!

DeNA and ngmoco are working on Transformers Legends, a card battle game for Android and iOS that’s not necessarily more than meets the eye, but looks pretty cool anyway.

I was probably way too old for it, but I was a pretty big Transformers nerd back in the day. And even now, I still have some – most – okay, all of my old Transformers toys sitting on a shelf in an upstairs room somewhere. Although these days I prefer to describe them as “collectible figurines” and pretend that someday, despite a complete lack of anything even remotely resembling “near mint” condition, they’ll be worth a lot of money. Condition won’t be a concern for the collectibles in Transformers Legends, though, because this band of robotic heroes and villains is all digital.

 Transformers MobileTransformers Mobile

Transformers Legends is a collectible card battle game in which players can join with the noble Autobots to defend the Earth or throw in with the evil Decepticons to strip it bare – or even better, do both! The game will feature separate campaigns for both sides, with missions that award credits and allow players to recruit new Transformers to their cause. Hundreds of Transformers, rated from “common” to “super-rare,” will be available to collect, and can be “fused” with other cards to make them even more powerful in battle. Players can pick up a new Transformers card every day while more valuable limited-edition cards can be won via in-game special events, and like all good CCGs, Transformers Legends players will be able to square off against their friends in epic 3 vs. 3 battles.

Each character card in Transformers Leegends will be rated in three categories – melee, ranged and special attacks – and the art, based on the handful of cards I’ve seen, is absolutely fantastic. Better still, these robots in disguise appear to be based not upon the mechano-messes of the films but on the classic cartoon and comic designs, so everyone looks more or less like a nostalgic 30-something would say they’re supposed to.

 Transformers MobileTransformers Mobile

Tranformers Legends appears to be a fairly straightforward CCG, but that sweet art style and the deep-rooted hold that giant robots who transform into cars and planes have on gamers of a certain age makes it definitely one to keep an eye on. Look for it in the fall, on both Android and iOS devices.