The Playforge, best known for developing the highly popular Zombie Farm and Zombie Farm 2 games, has been acquired by Saban Brands. A subsidiary of Saban Capital Group, Saban Brands is hoping to strike up licensing, merchandising and media opportunities for current and future projects from the developer, as well as become a power player in the booming mobile space. 

The transaction won’t lead to any significant alterations with The Playforge, and the studio will continue to churn out content under its own name. Being that they’ve managed to hold their own and rest with the likes of Rovio and other major companies at the top of the App Store charts on several occasions, it’s understandable why Saban isn’t looking to make any changes to how they operate.

“By partnering with Saban Brands we’re able to take our products to new heights where they can be enjoyed and experienced by a much broader audience through licensing, merchandising and media opportunities, areas that are tremendously exciting to us,” said CEO Vince McDonnell of The Playforge. Although details are scarce on what we’ll see come out of the acquisition, I’m willing to wager we’ll see at least one line of plushies.

Saban Brands has been making some pretty big power moves in recent years, such as purchasing the rights to the Power Rangers franchise from Disney. And while they’re new to the gaming space, the company firmly believes that mobile is “becoming the default medium for entertainment,” and that “games are the future of social engagement.” Strong words, but the statistics are certainly in their favor.