Stick, rock, and roll your way through an alien invasion with Rollie

What would you do if you were ever awakened from a nice nap by the sight of crabs, monsters, aliens, and ice cream raining down from the sky? In most cases, the proper reaction would be to roll over and go back to sleep. You slept through every other major event in your life, so you may as well sleep through the Apocalypse. In Rollie’s world, sleep is not an option. When things go topsy-turvy, he leaps into action and tries to put things right in Rollie, an action-puzzle game for iOS.

When Rollie’s parents go on vacation, the little orange blob is left behind to watch the house. Of course, aliens choose that particular week to invade, and Rollie resolves to save his homeland by tumbling along through monsters and traps until he can shut off the aliens’ planet-trap mechanism.


Rollie features 60 different levels that travel through underground caverns and under water. Rollie can stick to and roll along floors, ceilings, and walls (think of the Spider Ball power-up from the Metroid games), and he can also bounce from surface to surface. He must roll and bounce with skill and finesse in order to dodge lava, toxic waste, and malevolent alien life forms.

Rollie hits the App Store soon. Until then, you might want to think about preparing for the inevitable alien invasion upon Earth. A good, fluffy pillow is a start.