Epic and Chair sure know how to keep a gamer coming back. For years on end now, they’ve been able to consistently improve the performance and content of the Infinity Blade series by adding free content and updates. In what Epic is calling the most action-packed expansion to Infinity Blade II yet, the third update, Skycages, is finally here. It’s time to unsheathe the blade once more.

In terms of items, this is one of the biggest new treasure loads yet. With over 30 new items, all-new achievements, piles of new stat-modifying gems, huge bosses, and new ClashMob challenges, you’ll have plenty reason to grind your way up to new stashes of gold and weaponry.


The biggest new piece of shiny comes in the form of the new Solar Transport weapons (i.e. lightsabers). Not only do these weapons look ridiculously amazing, but they also increase the positive effects of your gem modifiers by an incredible amount. Who doesn’t want one of these armor-shredding bad boys?

In addition, fans getting antsy with each new cliffhanger will finally be able to have some resolve. Skycages is the definitive conclusion to Infinity Blade II:


 “Infinity Blade II remains one of the best performing games on the App Store and we’ve continued to explore new ways to expand the Infinity Blade universe with exciting new game play elements,” said Donald Mustard, creative director at ChAIR Entertainment. “In addition to providing more of the great content fans love, Skycages reveals new secrets and offers an epic conclusion to the latest chapter that fans won’t want to miss!”

As always, players simply need a copy of Infinity Blade II in order to download the new update for free. At a full gigabyte in size, the update itself is bigger than most complete iOS games! While we’re still eagerly awaiting Epic’s new Infinity Blade: Dungeons spinoff, this should hold us over just fine.