Rocket man

When I was young, my dad bought me a wonderful book of illustrations that looked like one face when drawn right-side up, and another if drawn upside down. This, I feel, is the quality captured by Shaun Inman’s excellent The Last Rocket, which played one way as you collected all the coins, and another as you attempted to avoid them. If you, like me, couldn’t get enough of this indie gem, never fear: Flip is blasting off again. But you’re still missing out on that great book.

Announced via Inman’s site, Flip’s Escape will be an official “Last Rocket side story,” which sets Flip and the computerized AMI off on adventure outside the confines of the factory. Besides a new setting, though, Flip’s Escape brings with it an entirely new play style: the endless climber. Powered by what seem like more pared down one-tap controls, the game sees you running from a slightly more unstoppable enemy… the sun. 

Ascending through the stars, Flip and AMI snag gems that you’ll use to power the tools you need to dodge faster, warp farther, and climb higher. As the site puts it, “Brake to dodge asteroids, fill your star meter to warp, and collect gems for upgrades to cover greater distances.” Inarguably a simpler game, to be sure, but one that looks crafted with as much TLC as The Last Rocket. At the moment, the title is said simply to be coming soon, with users able to “sign up [at Inman’s site] to find out as soon as Flip breaks for it.”

Check out the trailer for yourself, and visit the site to keep abreast of all things Flip.