Deal your way to winning this unlikely war

Remember in The Return of The Jedi when the primate forest Ewoks were able to take down the Empire’s mechanical beasts using nothing but wooden resources? To some, it was one of the dumbest moments of the original trilogy. To others, however, it represented the power of a united force, no matter how dire your circumstances may be. If you subscribe to that second camp, The Trouble With Robots is perfect for you.

In this card-based side scrolling RPG, it’s up to you to take a group of technologically crippled humans and pit them up against the robot uprising. By collecting and employing different cards, you can construct the most powerful deck and turn the tides on your metallic combatants.


You might be short technology, but you have another power on your side that the robots lack: magic! With elves, centaurs, and even dragons, you can turn the tides on the robot menace by crushing and melting them into scrap metal. With a perfectly balanced deck, you’ll be able to create huge advantages, summon impressive heroes, and keep your hand stockpiled with useful cards.

Both the Trouble With Robots game ($18.99) and its free demo will be available via its developer’s website at Only you can turn this lopsided matchup into a victory for the ages.