Take that, fake racing games!

Not everyone knows it, but racing as an institution is absolutely mired in existential quandary. With the many televised sporting events and video games out there, it’s hard to tell which are fake and which are real. The team at Firemint took this problem head on with the first two Real Racing titles for iOS, and now Firemonkeys (a combined studio featuring IronMonkey and Firemint staff) is looking to do it again with Real Racing 3. It’s a game so real, the word is in the very title! 

Revealed during EA’s Summer Showcase event, Real Racing 3 will carry on the tradition of gorgeous graphics laid out by its predecessors. If you’re at all skeptical of that praise, I invite you to watch the trailer and see for yourself. I can practically hear the cynicism melting away from here. 

The game will also feature a lineup of tracks culled from the real world (did I mention this game is real?), including but not limited to the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the Silverstone. I never knew race tracks had such awesome names! 

Real Racing 3

Just like the tracks themselves, the game’s car roster will be keepin’ it real with licensed vehicles, including some that weren’t available in previous Real Racing titles. Those crazy Firemonkeys are staying mum on specifics at the moment, but they namedropped Porsche, Dodge, and Audi as a few partners. Think you can handle all that new car smell? You better hope you can, because air fresheners have been banned in racing since the dawn of man. Or at least I think I read that on a Snapple cap once. 

No release date has been announced, but the game is set to release sometime this year. It isn’t crucial, but I recommend testing your device for realness before the game arrives. If it’s donning gold chains or blowing money frivolously, there’s a chance Real Racing 3 will detect its fakeness and refuse to work.

Stranger things have happened.