Forging a path for digital card games

You know how we keep on saying that the future of board and card games is in the digital realm? While physical cards will likely always be enjoyed by millions, today’s announcement is one that might make even the most stubborn “physical only” gamer break into a nervous sweat. SolForge, a new tablet-based CCG (or DCG, as they’re calling it), is a digital card game designed by the masters: Gary Games (Ascension) and Dr. Richard Garfield (Magic the Gathering).

One of the biggest goals of SolForge is to fully embrace its digital platform in order to do things that physical cards cannot. The big feature is the ability for cards to transform, similar to the evolution mechanic in Pokémon. However, cards will be able to power up and transform in real-time, with a transformation of card art and text creating one incredible animation.


In addition to a robust player vs. player mode that encompasses friendly matches, ranked matches, and tournaments, Gary Games and Dr. Garfield are planning on including a deep single player mode, as well. Player actions will effect the in-game story, creating a dynamic world rarely seen in the card game universe.

“I’ve been thinking about making an electronic trading card game for about 20 years, and the

technology has only just now caught up. And I knew that Justin and Gary Games were the right team to make the game after I played and fell in love with Ascension,” said Dr. Garfield. “I’m really pleased with how SolForge is developing and am very excited about the opportunity for fans to get involved in this development phase through Kickstarter.”


While little more is known about SolForge aside from some awesome creature models found on their Facebook page featuring a future fantasy age, expect the following: addicting gameplay mechanics, excellent card art, and plenty of player support. We’ve seen some awesome transitions for physical games into the digital realm, but this might be the first fully digital card game that goes beyond the cardboard.