In what seems to be an attempt to deal with every piece of criticism the OUYA has received before their Kickstarter campaign is up, they’ve done it again. First, we saw them address an attack on OUYA’s functionality with their announcement that they’d be compatible with OnLive. Now, they’re combating the “nobody important will support the OUYA” claims with a pretty big partnership: Square Enix.

Even more curious is the title that Square Enix has confirmed for the OUYA so far: Final Fantasy III. For those of you unfamiliar with the winding paths that have since become the English ports of the Final Fantasy series, the tale goes like this: For unknown reasons, the English Final Fantasy III was the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VI.

FFIII eventually saw a 3D remake for the Nintendo DS (and eventually iOS), but the title has still yet to see a proper release on a home console in the US. Until the OUYA, that is. While it definitely is surprising that the 3D remake never saw its way onto any kind of online console app market, the partnership represents a fairly big opening for the OUYA.

Even if Final Fantasy III is just a remake of a game from 1990 (who knows? We might even get the original 1990 version), Square Enix is a fantastic developer to have in your back pocket. With this movement, many new developers might feel that supporting the OUYA might be a pretty good decision after all.

Either way, we’re excited to see how OUYA news continues to shape up. With just over a week left in their Kickstarter funding period, we can’t wait to see what other criticisms OUYA decides to tackle next.