Finally, that leaky roof/water collection simulator you’ve always been waiting for.

I’m a fan of weird.  I like weird movies and weird music and weird people.  I prefer weirdness to the safety the polite world holds in such high regard.  That’s why Drip Drip endears itself to me.  When I first saw these screenshots my initial reaction fell somewhere between, “What the hell?” and, “This looks corny.”  But then I looked a little closer, read the press release and watched the trailer, and I realized… wow, this is weird.  Which again, is a good thing. 


In Drip Drip you are an “elite drop collector” and it is your job to race across the country saving buildings from water damage (very weird, right?).  A terrible storm is washing its way across America and only you can save opulent skyscrapers and crumbling tenements alike from the weather.  All sorts of buildings across 24 different cities will make up this drippy battlefield.  In addition to the puddles and drips, you will also contend with — of course — UFOs and witch doctors, among other adversaries.  Because, why not?

Drip Drip plays out as a 2D RTS.  In your quest to keep decrepit buildings dry, you must utilize the same sort of tools that anyone who’s ever had a leaky roof should be familiar with.  Pots, pans, buckets and barrels must be sent about the interior of these buildings to soak up the rain.  They must also be emptied.  When buckets of water are dumped out the window you get cash in return, which is then used to purchase more receptacles.

Drip Drip

Drip Drip

Something to note about Drip Drip is that the two minds behind it — Thomas Konkol and Blake Drolson — both worked on Rampage World Tour.  They’ve worked on a bunch of other stuff too, but Rampage stuck out to me.  First off because it’s awesome and I love that game, but mostly because I can’t help but notice some similarities in the art style.  Both games share a bright and light hearted ambience.  I can’t wait to see it in action.  Drip Drip should be coming out soon to PC, Mac and iOS.