Hungry for another arcade runner (and candy)?

As I’ve waded deeper and deeper into casual gaming, I’ve come to appreciate its transience.  When writing reviews, I often ask myself the question, “Will I be playing this game a week from now?”  Often times the answer is no, but I’m coming to realize this isn’t such a bad thing. 


The mobile phone is the arcade of our time.  Instead of wandering around a room full of stand-ups and popping quarters into the games that catch our eye, we wander through the App Store, spending a dollar to download a game or spending a buck on some in-game swag.  This browsing — the thrill of discovering something new — is half the fun.

Zuba! is exactly the kind of game I’m talking about; the kind of game that would eat up your quarters at an arcade.  It is a runner/racer with colorful graphics and straightforward gameplay.  Here’s the set-up.  A goofy, orange creature with a Cheshire Cat grin sits down to eat a big bowl of candy, only to have it snatched from him by a mysterious adversary.  Your task?  Recover the delicious candies by any means necessary.

 Zuba!     Zuba!

In Zuba!, the necessary means is speed.  To gobble up your stolen candies, you must guide the orange hero down a corridor.  Avoid the barricades and be sure to roll over the stars, which can be used to purchase cosmetic items.  A store full of sunglasses, bow ties and cowboy hats await your in-game currency.  And, I don’t know for sure, but I’d bet my bottom dollar these items can be purchased with cash too.

Zuba! looks like it will be a cheerful, straightforward game that just might eat up some free time.  It also looks perfect for the kids.  Zuba!‘s color palette and non-threatening environment should be appropriate and appealing to all ages.  Zuba! is headed to the iOS this August.  Lock up your candies.