Things are about to get fowl

Chicken Raid, a vaguely Angry Birds-like game in which our fine-feathered friends are now the enemy, is coming soon to an iOS device near you.

Let’s get the obvious comparison out of the way quickly: Chicken Raid looks an awful lot like Angry Birds. But in gameplay terms, it’s a simplified adaption of the world’s most famous mobile game: This time around, it’s the birds – specifically, the chickens – who are the target of your wrath, and you won’t be flinging anything at them, you’ll just be clicking on the stuff you want to smash.


Chicken Raid isn’t playable yet, but it’s based on the hit Flash game Chicken House, in which poultry of various sorts are arranged on increasingly complex structures of concrete, wood, ice and the infamous (and incredibly dangerous) wooden crates of TNT. Ice and wood can be destroyed by clicking on it, and the name of the game is to drop, pop and squash the chickens and their eggs by knocking it all down with the fewest number of clicks possible.

Chicken Raid

It’s a simple concept, although some time spent with the original Flash game will demonstrate that it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. Click the wrong piece at the wrong time and you can easily find yourself stuck with an unbeatable puzzle – “stuck” at least until you click the restart button, that is. And while the gameplay doesn’t appear to be as challenging or rewarding as its inspiration, it’s different enough to be worth checking out – and with any luck, the iOS release will add a few more features and twists to give it a bit more of its own unique flavor.

Chicken Raid launches for the iPhone and iPad on August 2.