PopCap wants you to get to know your zombie

I’m going to say three words right now, and depending on your familiarity I should instantly be able to place you into one of two groups.  Are you ready?  Talking Tom Cat.  If this means nothing to you, congratulations: you’re living the carefree life of a childless adult.  For the rest of us though, apps like Talking Tom Cat have pretty much become routine in the life of any parent sporting a smartphone – and PopCap is looking to jump into that kid-friendly app world with the release of PvZ Presents: Talking Zombatar.


Like Talking Tom Cat (and its many sequels, spin-offs, and impersonators), “players” of Talking Zombatar will be able to dress an on screen avatar, make them do wacky things, and repeat back whatever they say in a silly voice.

You’ll have to forgive my liberal use of quotations around the word “players,” but to put it frankly, Talking Zombatar isn’t a game.  It’s an entertainment app aimed at kids that just happens to feature characters from a super popular gaming franchise (Plants vs Zombies).  That said, for its target audience, Talking Zombatar looks like it could be a real blast.

PvZ Presents: Talking Zombatar     PvZ Presents: Talking Zombatar

Not only will you get to dress up your zombie in a wide variety of outfits acquired from Crazy Dave’s store, as well as have it mimic what you say, but you’ll be able to put them in photos and videos that you take on your device.  For kids who like a little zombie-themed fun, it sounds like a dream come true.

It may not be the first zombie app of its kind (Zombo has been around since 2010, and is particularly adorable), but it may very well be the best. Expect to see PvZ Presents: Talking Zombatar hit mobile devices and tablets later this year.