“Mix in a game subscription service like OnLive, and you’ve got all of the entertainment you could ever want on a little $99 box.  And who doesn’t love the idea of that?” concluded our Editor-in-Chief Jim Squires concluded his article on why OUYA is the next big thing. Today, like the heavens fulfilling an ancient prophecy, OUYA has promised exactly that.

OUYA smashed Kickstarter records since its crowd funding debut, but has seemed to fall a little under the radar since, alongside dozens of bloggers and journalists arguing why they don’t see the new device succeeding. One of the major arguments against the OUYA is that people don’t see a console succeeding without being able to deliver top-tier games. With OnLive in the mix, that’s no longer an issue.


OnLive, the world’s biggest game streaming service, allows players to rent and purchase AAA game titles and stream them to almost any device with a screen on it, for a fraction of the cost. With this partnership, the OUYA suddenly switches from an “Android console with development opportunities” to an “OnLive console that ALSO has developer opportunities”. And that’s an extremely good bargain at just $99.

It’s an interesting partnership, especially considering that OnLive currently offers their streaming system at that exact same price. While making the deal with OUYA undoubtedly obsoletes OnLive’s own technology, it’s definitely a fantastic way to get more consumers aware of their solid streaming system.


In addition, OUYA also announced more official designs for the controller and console itself, which we’ve pictured above. As they continue to get more support, more details, and more fantastic partnerships, it won’t be long before the sea of skeptics are converted into OUYA believers.