Discover the true meaning of happiness in Happy Tale

What is happiness? To some, love. To others, money and power. For Taploft’s upcoming Happy Tale, the answer is a combination of ecology, magic, friendship, and “beating your enemies black and blue”. It’s a very fine and exact science, and Happy Tale is hoping to pull it all off in one addictive mobile package.

The village of Hibernia, full of strong (and adorable) Irish Celts, is under siege. Not by a military (at least not immediately!), but by capitalism. Forests are going down in order to make room for an aqueduct. Great for humans, but the entire ecosystem is now in danger.

Happy Tale

Happy Tale

In Happy Tale, it’s up to you to restore natural balance through planting, building, battling, and even romance. Players can cooperate with heir friends, gather powerful allies, and defend the village against hidden spies. It might be an adorable and colorful world, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to protect that world from the forces of evil!

Players excited to find themselves in a colorful adventure full of rebuilding, conquest, and conspiracy shouldn’t have to wait long. Taploft is slated to come soon for both iOS and Android devices.