A fast strategy game fit for a king.

I’m a big fan of strategy games.  I’m not picky about them either — turn based, real time, whatever.  On mobile platforms, though, I’ve noticed that real time is hard to pull off.  I’m still waiting for an RTS on par with Red Alert 2 to play on my iPad.  Fast strategy games are a perfect fit for mobile platforms, though.  Games like Galcon mix up a blend of strategy and action that’s perfectly suited for touch controls.  Little Conquest looks to be the next step in the evolution of that genre.

Fast strategy games ratchet up the pace of the RTS, but strip away some of the complexity.  Instead of directly guiding units around a battlefield, you send troops from friendly control nodes to enemy control nodes.  In Little Conquest, those nodes are buildings pulled out of Greek (and other) mythology.  Little Conquest also one-ups other fast strategy games by incorporating a multitude of different unit types, instead of the usual stream of featureless troops.

Developer Battlebit is putting together a hefty game with Little Conquest.  It will feature two campaigns — Greeks versus Egyptians and Vikings versus Normans.  Each faction will have access to mythological units and siege weapons, even magic.  Multiplayer will even have voice chat… a nice touch.

Little Conquest

Little Conquest will be retina enabled, and I’m expecting it to look good.  The screenshots show a distinctive graphical style.  Simple and bright, Little Conquest looks like an animated pop-up book.  I can’t wait to see how it looks in action.  Until then, shore up your palisades.  Little Conquest is coming soon.