Your wallet is dying. Your credit card has been run dryer than the Arizona desert. You’re struggling to afford the basic necessities of living. This, my friends, is what we call Post-Steam Sale Disorder, or PSSD for short. While PSSD effects millions of consumers each year, the average gamer has the end of the summer in order to recover from its dangerous wallet-killing symptoms. This year, Indie Royale is looking to spurn the recovery.

Introducing the July Jubilee bundle, it seems that great games on an affordable discount will never go out of style. With ten great indie games at nearly 90% off their regular retail value, it’s going to be pretty hard for your wallet to make it through its usual yearly pains. You might be completely broke, but at least you’ll have fantastic games to cheer you up!


Here’s a selection from this month’s bundle:

Puzzle AgentThis excellent point-and-click adventure from Telltale features a fantastic Fraham Annable art direction, a unique FBI-centric plot, and dozens of logic puzzles throughout the journey. No wonder it got 4 ½ stars here at Gamezebo!

The Geneforge Saga – This highly-regarded collection of well-crafted, old-school RPGs is now available under the banner of one affordable price. Built around an open world that promotes complete customization, these are sure sink several hours of an RPG veteran’s time.

Oniken – Like Ninja Gaiden? Shinobi? You’ll feel right at home on this NES-inspired ninja platformer. It’s time to face the grueling challenges and difficulty of becoming an incredible assassin all over again.

Mutant Storm Reloaded – While the Reloaded moniker wasn’t included on last month’s iOS release, both are one in the same game. This colorful and frantic shooter is a perfect way to get your high-intensity gaming fix. We loved it, and you will too!

Swift*Stitch – A timing-based game all about making your twitch-based reflexes come to life. Rebuilding your rocket ship to a killer trance-based soundtrack is an addictive experience well worth your time. Also coming with this one is the stealth game Rose and Time, made by the same developer!

Unepic – Unlike what the title would have you believe, this epic and humorous platforming adventure is a fantastic indie gem. When a D&D nerd gets transported to a real fantasy realm, it’s up to you to bring his imagined powers to life!

As always, paying more means everybody else has to pay a little bit less. With everyone else’s wallets so desperately empty, a little good will from the more fortunate is a perfect way to prevent PSSD’s aftermath just a little more. With so many great indie games at such a low price, Indie Royale’s July Jubilee will be hard to ignore, even if our funds are terribly low.