Build a pirate settlement and search for treasure with Pirate Explorer

Yar-har, fiddle-dee-dee. You are a pirate. That is to say, you can be a pirate. Ya got the potential to be a scurvy sea-dog, kid. Real potential. But just to be sure, you should play Pirate Explorer, a hidden object/city building game for iOS, PC, and Android. Haul in some priceless booty from a hapless ship, and then we’ll talk.

Pirate Explorer

In Pirate Explorer, you star as an aspiring pirate who’s stranded on a tropical island with only a wrecked pier and a ruined ship for company. You have big dreams, though, and the will to make them become reality. In time, you repair your boat, sail to new lands, assemble your crew, and build a bustling new base of operations after you’ve cleared the land of pesky wildlife and foliage.

Pirate Explorer also lets you play hidden object scenes and “spot-the-difference” games. The game is non-linear, so there’s always some task that you can keep yourself busy with. Your crew has lots of tasks for you to complete (“Dude, if you’re sailing to Wal-Mart, I have this list of stuff I need—”) and you can share your town’s progress with your pals.

Pirate Explorer

Pirate Explorer is coming to iOS, Android, and PC later this year, so buy yourself a swashbuckling hat and a parrot. If you can’t find a parrot, a pigeon will do.