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Miss the color, charm, and atmosphere of the Viva Piñata series? Gameloft’s new project, Monster Life, is shaping up to be the next thing. Swap out vibrant piñata animals for adorable paper craft palls, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful 3D adventure that’s already looking to be a fantastic addition to the iOS and Android libraries.

Don’t know what on earth Viva Piñata even is? How about names like Zoo Tycoon and Pokémon? Monster Life looks to incorporate the best aspects of every lovable creature-based title. On the mysterious island of Numa, it’s up to you to tame monsters and fight off the evil Chaos monsters, one sheet of paper at a time.

Monster Life

Monster Life

Aside from simply collecting and enjoying your monsters, there’s plenty to do around Numa. Buildings, decorations, and customization options await the sim lovers, while RPG fans will have the chance to engage their characters in 3 on 3 battles. Whatever your preferred play style may be, there’s plenty of work to be done in order to become a master monster keeper.

Are you, like us, drooling at these screenshots in hopes of displaying them on your best-definition mobile gaming screen? If so, no need to worry: you can live the monster life on iOS this Thusday, July 26th. Android users will be able to visit Numa shortly afterward on August 2nd.