The nuttiest extinction theory of them all

One of the greatest and most-debated mysteries of the past is trying to determine how the great land mammals of this world, the dinosaurs, parted with us. Was it meteors? Lack of vegetation? Extreme cold? According to new information from Go Home Dinosaurs, we’re even closer to a true answer: chipmunks. It makes sense when you think about it.

For those of you not seeing the connection, here’s how Fire Hose Games has portrayed this newly-discovered scientific evidence: like any prehistoric group of chipmunks would, everyone was gathered for a family barbecue. Jealous of the rodent’s masterful cooking, the big bully dinosaurs decided they could pick on our furry friends for an easy, already cooked meal. The chipmunks might be small, but they refuse to go down without a fight.


It’s very possible that meteors or ice were the eventual perpetuators of dino doom, but one thing’s for certain: it was at the hands of the chipmunk’s master technology. With all-powerful freeze rays, electricity, and meteor-summoning magnets, it’s up to you to defend your steak by all means necessary.

Go Home Dinosaurs has a unique card-based system that encourages both resource and space management. Your leader chipmunk can gather resources, and even throw a few attack rounds of his own when he’s near an enemy dino. By collecting enough coconuts, you can construct new towers by exhausting a card from your 10-card deck. Used resources are lost forever for future levels, so winning each level with as little as possible is your main goal.

Go Home Dinosaurs

It’s an addictive tower defense game with great 3D visuals, and best of all: it’s free! Head over here to check out the completely free Go Home Dinosaurs beta. The current version is Fire Hose’s second major beta version, and most of the major bugs and kinks have been ironed out.

If you’re looking to learn how the dinosaurs left us, while also enjoying an addictive, unique, and free tower defense game, the Go Home Dinosaurs beta is definitely worth a look.