Don’t break the paddle, make the paddle!

Breakout is one of the oldest classic games around. I’ve played it on my graphing calculator daily. I even had a version of the game on my PalmPilot – the tablet before tablets existed. But one thing that has remained constantly frustrating over years of playing the game on a touch screen device? Moving a paddle back and forth with your finger is always unresponsive and distracting. After all these years, Draw Breaker aims to fix the problem.

In order to change up the archaic Breakout formula, Draw Breaker is all about creating your own paddle. Instead of sliding a horizontal paddle with your fingers back and forth, it’s your job to constantly draw new paddles for your ball to interact with. Not only does this allow for a greater level of response, but it also adds something regular Breakout doesn’t implement: angled shots.


Even the traditional Breakout bricks have been given a new layer of color: they’re monsters! Each monster block responds with its own animation when hit, and they’ll do everything in their block-shaped powers to stop you. Commanded by the evil Professor Blockowski, it’s up to you to put an end to the blocky madness once and for all.

Combined with the slew of crazy power-ups, Draw Breaker is looking to be a great new twist on the classic Breakout formula. Coming to virtually every tablet-based device on July 26th, it won’t be long before we’ll all be (literally) paving our way to victory.