Carrie the Caregiver Tips and Tricks

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Check out our Tips and Tricks for Carrie the Caregiver:

  • Be prepared by warming some food in advance.


  • Chaining is the key to attaining higher scores. Try to assign babies to tables in such a way that you can chain as many actions as possible.



  • Making food, eating, and washing your hands do not break a chain.



  • Take advantage of the ‘speedy-service’ bonus points! You need to treat a baby within one second (that’s fast!). Note that speedy-service points can also be chained!



  • Make sure to keep an eye on your sanitation meter – especially when there’s a delicate baby in the room.



  • Don’t forget to eat! Carrie slows down as she expends energy. Eating or drinking will help to give you a boost!



  • Hungry babies eat twice. If you time it correctly, you can use the same baby in two separate feeding chains.



  • Read a story to babies who are waiting to be seated. You can read a little faster in each new nursery.



  • The mobile, when used correctly, is one of the most powerful tools available to you. Swap it between needy babies to prevent them from losing heart points.



  • Seat noisy babies further away from others so they disturb as few babies as possible when they cry.



  • When (if!) you find yourself just standing around – see if you can grab a heart from a waiting parent, or go make some milk, or read a story. Always keep busy and on top of all of your tasks.