A night to die for

Ever play through Mojang’s Minecraft and find yourself falling in love with the combat element, wishing that it was more complex and polished. Or ever play through the colorful world of Team Fortress 2 and wish that you had more time to explore and build? Wish either of those games had more zombies? Meet Epic Game’s new big project Fortnite– it’s a bit of all three.

Epic’s new colorful adventure is being described as a “co-op sandbox survival game”. Players will team up against a cartoony zombie apocalypse by scavenging useful bits of trash, erecting structures, and competing in traditional combat.


Players who like creating worlds will have a field day with Fortnite. Walls are completely customizable over an intricate grid-based system, and the methods of collecting resources are completely specialized. Players that don’t like comment can lose themselves in an entire world of rebuilding the broken-down world.

In addition, the game looks gorgeous, being the first game running on Epic’s own brand new Unreal Engine 4. Lighting is dynamic between daytime and nighttime, animations are silky smooth, and character models, while cartoony, look crisp as we’ve seen in this type of game before.


The worst part about Fortnite? A 2013 release. With all the incredible promise Epic is showing, though, we know it’s probably best they take their time. In the meantime, you can always play Left for Dead, Minecraft, and Team Fortress 2 at the same time and pretend that the combined experience is what Fortnite would be like. Alright, maybe the long wait will be a problem.