If you missed the first Tribloos, the sequel will be bigger, better, and prettier

Tribloos was reviewed here at Gamezebo last year… quite favorably I might add.  Our very own Darcie King had some nice things to say about it, that it was accessible but deep enough to be challenging — not to mention “incredibly addictive.”  Developed by the Bumkin Brothers, it featured simplistic, cartoony graphics that are, in my opinion, reminiscent of the old Lemmings games.

Bunkin Brothers is back at it with Tribloos 2.  And, from the looks of things, it’s more of the same — which is a good thing.  Tribloos 2 is a time management game that tasks you with building villages for your colorful band of furry little tribloos.  Along with the resource management elements you might expect from a game about building villages, there are some nifty puzzle game mechanics thrown into the mix as well.  All in all, Tribloos 2 is looking like a solid successor.

Tribloos 2

It’s also gotten a graphical overhaul.  Everything looks a lot crisper and polished, especially the backgrounds.  The low-fi forests of the last game have been replaced with lush illustrations of mountains and trees.  If the graphics kept anyone from trying Tribloos the first time around, this new coat of paint should help.

Tribloos 2 will feature 75 campaign levels, five bonus levels and 10-20 challenge maps.  Expect it on the PC and Mac.  And in the meantime, if all this talk of Tribloos is getting you interested, head on over to the Bumkin Brothers website and download the demo of the first game.