On your marks, jet set, go!

The Dreamcast wasn’t good for much (you heard me!), but it did bring us Jet Set Radio. The now-classic title (released as Jet Grind Radio in the US and Canada) won the hearts and minds of gamers with its then-unprecedented cel-shaded visuals, and unique, graffiti-centric plotline. Well, Dreamcast owners (all 10 of you), I have good news: Jet Set Radio is back.

Jet Set Radio

Sega recently announced that Jet Set would be available on consoles in the form of a download from Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, as well as for Windows as a PC Digital Download. Today, however, they kicked their multiplatform efforts up a notch by confirming the game’s impending summer release for iOS and Android. The mobile version, which will run on both phones and tablets for both operating systems, will strive to be the same caliber of port as its console counterpart.

As a refresher, the game has you playing as the rebellious Beat, a 17-year-old runaway who traverses a dystopian Tokyo making a name for yourself by tagging to assert territory, all while embattled with rival groups and members of the police force. Part racer, part-time trial title, part action adventure, Jet Set Radio has a plot and feel like no other game, with a eclectic soundtrack full of rock, acid jazz, and electronic music to match.

Jet Set Radio

Besides standard features like Retina display and OpenFeint support, Jet Set Radio mobile will also include the ability to take photos from your library and use them as one of the many essential tags with which you plaster the game’s streets and buildings. For once we’ll be able to zip deftly through the game’s alleyways and side streets, leaving pictures of our cat in the virtual world. Couldn’t do that, could you, Dreamcast?