Who knew drawing lines could be so challenging?

Puzzle games are not usually my first choice when it comes time to unwind, but when I come across one that interests me I’m usually happy enough to play it through to the end.  It has to be something interesting to keep my attention though, something different.  Playing Bejeweled — or worse yet, some Bejeweled clone — for six hours is not my idea of fun. 

Even Tetris gets old after a while.  For a puzzle game to hook me, it has to be something I’ve never seen before.  Something with a simple concept that will still leave me scratching my head.


Huebrix looks like that kind of game.  It’s a minimal puzzler from the Mumbai-based indie developers Yellow Monkey Studios.  And I have to say… it looks pretty freaking cool.  The idea behind it is simple.  Draw a line on a grid-based playing field from a starting point to an ending point.  To complete a level, you must fill the entire grid with this line.  Things get a little more complicated when you have to draw multiple lines, completing each of them without blocking yourself.


Puzzle games are all about the puzzles, but it doesn’t hurt when they’re stylish, too.  Huebrix looks very simple and very plain, but somehow gorgeous.  The animation that plays when you complete a level is particularly alluring: the lines you draw slowly snake off screen.  It looks so cool I’m tempted to call it an incentive.

Huebrix will launch August 15 on Android and iOS.  Three bucks will buy you 100 levels.  Seems like a good deal to me.