Prepare to sequester yourself in your home

If you’re a puzzle fan in possession of an iDevice (or really any smartphone), you’re basically in hog heaven. The platform has become a boon for the genre, providing us with thousands of head-scratching experiences that were clearly built with a touch screen in mind. SEQ is just such a game, inviting players to rack their brains and strategically connect number sequences on 160 different grids.

At the start of each level, you’ll see two different numbers: 0, and whatever the highest number on the playing field is. It’s your job to link these two by sliding your finger over the grid. Let’s say the biggest number is 5. If you start there and drag your finger to zero, you’ll see the tiles you touch light up with the numbers 4,3,2, and 1. Ultimately, the goal is to fill in every single tile on the playing field.


In some instances you’ll be able to just drag your finger from A to B without a care in the world. Other times, you’ll be forced to contend with a labyrinthine sprawl of tiles. Moreover, lines of numbers can only intersect when done so at tiles that share the same numbers.  

SEQ will be released on July 27, with the first 40 levels offered to players free of charge. That should be more than enough content to help you decide whether or not it’s your kind of game, making it a very low stress situation. Unless, of course, you count actually playing the game. But when it comes to puzzle games, being stressed is part of the fun.