An adventure for everyone, playable everywhere

One of the biggest drags about engrossing RPGs is the moment when you have to stop your adventure. Eventually, the even demon known as “real life” will tear you away from your console, computer, or device, and force you into some kind of social situation where you’re no longer able to connect with your fantasy realm. But what if nearly every gaming device you owned was able to connect and pick up from where you left off?

That’s the concept behind Knightly Adventure, where players can take one of six classes into the realm of Loreland. With 120 unique quests and crisp Unity 3D graphics, this independent adventure is already shaping up to be a world worth exploring. Plus, with cross-platform play, you’ll be able to explore Loreland via iOS, Android, and Facebook.


Players can construct kingdoms, tend farms, and do battle with dozens of creatures. Whether you appreciate the traditional MMO or the casual farm sim, there’s an element in Knightly Adventure out there for you.

Knightly Adventure brings a new dimension to social gaming with cross-platform compatibility that allows more players to join in—no matter their device, age, background, or gaming skill,” said Doyon Kim, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Pangalore, Inc. “We focused on making a highly personal and enjoyable experience for players by adding fun and engaging social aspects like trading and gifting alongside vivid 3D party play in quests.”

Knightly Adventure

Players looking to venture off on all of their available devices won’t have to wait much longer. Knightly Adventure‘s cross-platform release is shaping up to be sometime this August, 2012.