That piece of broccoli really doesn’t want you to sleep

I’d like to clear the air before we get started: Mr. Dreamer is in no way related to Mr. Dream of Punch-Out!! fame. He’s less a fighter and more a runner, as you’ll quickly pick up on in the game’s trailer and enclosed screenshots. But don’t go assuming his journeys are of the left-to-right variety. No, he’s a little more interested in making his way upward.

In terms of gameplay, Mr. Dreamer is best described as a marriage between endless runner and endless ascension games. The main character is on a fixed upward path at all times, but a tap of the screen causes him to switch the side of the track he’s on – from top to bottom. Being in the right place at the right time means you’ll be able to pick up some stray candy, but it also means you won’t be damaged by a bomb. I don’t know from experience, but I imagine smacking into an explosive is a terrible way to wake up.

Perhaps worse than bombs, though, is the potential to run into the “Broccoli Boss.” He’s the head honcho at the main character’s place of work, and bumping into him grants you a one-way ticket to consciousness. If you’ve ever had a job you hated, you know what a miserable thing that can be.

Mr. Dreamer Mr. Dreamer

Wait, something just occurred to me. You’re running around and gathering candy, all the while avoiding an anthropomorphic piece of broccoli. I’m on to you, Mr. Dreamer, and so is my dentist!

The game will arrive on the App Store on July 31, with retina graphics and Game Center support in tow. Of what’s been shown, I’m most excited by its unique appearance. Then again, I’m also looking forward to playing a game that merges the endless runner/ascension genres in a meaningful way.