Hotel Dash meets a monster in Hotel Transylvania Dash

When we think of the Dash series of time-management games, many of us automatically think of Flo, its fleet-footed (and perpetually sleepy-looking) protagonist. However, Flo goes on vacation once in a while—goodness knows she earns it—and other characters step in to take up her tray. This time, you’ll be helping out the staff of Hotel Transylvania, a spooky monster haunt that lets you check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Image from the film Hotel Transylvania 

This special edition of Hotel Dash is based on the upcoming 3D animated feature film from Sony Pictures. In both the movie and the game, Dracula invites his spookiest, shaggiest buddies to party with him for his daughter’s birthday (she’s 118 years young). The game, which is developed by Sony Pictures Consumer Products Inc., combines the film’s unique 3D characters with the world famous time management gameplay that still drives the Diner Dash and Hotel Dash series.

You think you’re a champion at managing yourself and your tasks, eh? Can you still perform when a werewolf is breathing down your neck?

Hotel Transylvania Dash hits the App Store on September 20. The movie itself comes to theatres on September 28.