Tower defense takes on a new dimension with Commando Jack

For the most part, first person is tough to pull off on mobile platforms.  There are some exceptions, but generally speaking first person shooters that fit in your pocket aren’t good.  However, given a little twist, first person gameplay can be a welcome addition to an otherwise tried and true genre.  Enter Commando Jack

It’s a safe bet that many people reading this preview have a tower defense game on their phone, and if they don’t it’s safe to say that they’ve at least played one — but they probably haven’t played one that features first person shooting.

Anyone familiar with the Xbox Live Arcade title Toy Soldiers will know that first person shooting and tower defense can be very satisfying when enjoyed together.  Commando Jack brings that mix to mobile platforms.  Like any tower defense, the foundation of the gameplay is judiciously placing turrets in order to maximize your damage output.  With 26 different weapons, nine different enemies, and five different battlefields, you’ll have a multitude of choices when deciding how to dole out as much damage as possible.

Commando Jack 

Commando Jack

As I said earlier, Commando Jack separates itself from the herd by allowing you to get behind a turret yourself, blasting away at baddies from a first person perspective.  The man doing the blasting is Major Jack Garrett of the Super Elite Commando Force Seven Unit.  Since the end of the second world war, Jack has been preparing for an alien invasion.  Who knew that once the invasion came it would be so much fun?

Commando Jack looks a like another solid entry from Chillingo, the Electronic Arts subsidiary that has published hits like Cut the Rope, Angry Birds and Anomaly Warzone Earth.  Judging from this list of heavy hitters, expect Commando Jack to well-polished and a lot a fun.  Look out for it this summer.