A defense game with a heavy dose of drama and role playing

Gamevil is a publisher whose name is attached to a ton of iOS and Android games, many of which have a distinctive Eastern flair. In my experience most of their titles are solid, so I’m looking forward to this one. I haven’t played the first Arel Wars, but it looks like it made a good impression on critics and users alike. If at the very least, Arel Wars 2 lives up to its predecessor than there will be many happy fans out there, and maybe some new ones will join their ranks as well.

Arel Wars 2 is the story of three tribes who unite in defense of against a common enemy. Apparently some jerk named Destroin wants to both rule the world and destroy it. To make matters worse, this Destroin character is someone’s evil twin, which is never a good thing. Expect many dramatic twists and turns — there usually are in creative works involving an evil twin.

I imagine most people won’t be playing for the story, though. Arel Wars 2 is a defense game that’s all about the grind. From behind your castle wall you call the shots as a powerful hero, sending your minions out onto the multi-planed 2d battlefield to do your bidding. From your castle, you spend gold to recruit new soldiers who march autonomously towards the enemy’s castle. The enemy does the same. Soldiers from both sides meet in the middle, battling until one army prevails. Whichever opponent chooses the proper units to counteract the enemy’s will be the first to the opposing castle… and victory.

This gameplay foundation is enriched by a deep leveling system. Everything from castles to soldiers can be upgraded. Combine this with the games plethora of units, its eight worlds and 15 stages, and you’ve got yourself a lot of game.

If Arel Wars 2 is like its predecessor, it will be released on Android and iOS for free. That’s not confirmed yet, but we’ll find out soon enough. Arel Wars 2 is expected to drop later this month.