The most units you’ve ever crammed into an iOS screen

What would you do if the darkness army stole your most valuable possessions?  We’re talking everything: your significant other, your iPhone, your television, and even your pizza. You wouldn’t just sit back and take it, would you?

Neither would the soldiers of Pine Entertainment’s Pocket Army. Desperate times bring desperate measures, and the victims of darkness have banded together for one enormous attack. Nobody takes a man’s pizza without expecting repercussions.


You command an army of 30 individual (and, admittedly, adorable) soldiers in 2D side scrolling combat. With dozens of different armor, weapons, classes, abilities, and in-game pets, each battle is looking to be an epic and unique experience.

And you’ll be battling plenty, too, with the game’s 120 story missions. Players that need help can always enlist a friend’s command in order to brave through the battlefield. And for those who prefer a more competitive companionship, you can go head-to-head vs. your opponent’s army in an enormous real-time clash.

Pocket Army

If that didn’t seem big enough already, Pine will be rolling out monthly updates with new events, missions, and bosses. It looks like your adventure will be even bigger than the massive armies you can construct.

For those of you looking to manage swarms of eager heroes, Pocket Army hits the app store July 19th. It’s free to play, so anyone interested can check it out. And they should. For the pizza.