It’s time for another group of heroes to dish out the justice

What could be better than Marvel taking over the media world with its rapidly expanding and ultra-popular The Avengers series? Competition. With enough popular superheroes in the mix, companies will be forced to out-perform and one-up each other, making for the world’s biggest and best action-packed movies and games.

And what better way to take on The Avengers than by busting out the other huge mash-up of superheroes? Warner Brothers has the exact same idea, and that’s why we’ll be seeing Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense for iOS very soon.


DC’s favorite super-squad is geared up to beat down evil in full force off the App Store, offering us five favorite playable fighters: Batman, The Flash, The Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Superman. These classic characters will have fully customizable gear and layouts as they truck through evil in a 3D beat-em-up world.

In addition, dozens of your other favorite DC superheroes will offer their duty as support cards. Each hero, alongside their blinged-out gear, can carry three other heroes with them at a time in order to deal out the maximum amount of justice.

Justice League: Earth's Final Defense

Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense has no release date, but with the huge superhero craze sweeping over this summer, there’s no doubt we’ll be conquering evil from our pockets sometime soon. 

Extra-interested players even have the chance to apply and beta test the current build by the end of this month. Click here if you’re interested in joining your own super team of testers!