It’s time to clean up the streets

Ever wish that the vehicles around the world had over-the-top personalities? Pixar made Cars for that reason. But have you ever wished that said living cars were part of a greater scheme of complex physics puzzles? If so, FDG’s upcoming Car Toons! is right up your alley.

Based on the flash game Vehicles with over 50 million plays, Car Toons! is all about controlling an A-Team of vehicles in the interest of street justice. With gangster cars trashing the streets, it’s up to this classic team to clean up their act.


The original title required a lot of mouse precision and focus, but touch controls are bound to make the entire ride much more smooth. By tapping, players can control multiple cars by starting and stopping them in the correct areas. By cooperating with different vehicles, you can traverse large gaps, create complex chain reactions, and push the evil cars to their demise.

This isn’t your average “push and pull” game, either. Across their journey, our heroes will have to deal with detonations, enormous pendulum hammers, and even rollercoaster-style loops. These aren’t your average vehicles.

Car Toons!

Want to save the world, one engine rev at a time? Car Toons! has been submitted to the App Store for approval already, and is looking to hit July 26th for a release.