Can’t Say That!, the next big step in social word games, takes a page and a few vague clues from Taboo.

You might think that Can’t Say That! is a game that scores you according to how many bad words you manage to say in front of your grandmother. However, Can’t Say That! is actually an upcoming iOS title that plays like Taboo: your friends need to guess at your word, but you’re forbidden to give them certain hints. Granted, swearing in front of your grandmother sounds kind of fun too, but it’d get old fast, and let’s be serious: you don’t want to be mean to your grandma.

Can’t Say That! should have no problem picking up audiences among fans of Words With Friends and Draw Something. Despite being a mobile game, Can’t Say That! boasts advanced Facebook integration. You provide your friends with a clue about your word, but you’re limited to 24 characters and are usually disallowed to give away obvious hints (example: “Martial Artist” for “Jackie Chan”).


If your buddies are stumped, they can post a screenshot to Facebook and solicit answers via the “Facebook a Friend” lifeline. Talk about an in-game feature that has the potential to go to interesting places! Once your friends finally manage to stagger through your weird clues and build the right answer, you’ll be allowed to watch a repeat of their guessing process before they take their turn and torture you with their own clues.

 Can't Say That!     Can't Say That!

Can’t Say That! hits the App Store on a certain day. A summer’s day. It was on this same day that Rome was sacked by the Gaulish army in 390 BCE—all right, it’s July 18. Can’t Say That! is coming to the App Store on July 18. It can’t get any more obvious. Don’t waste a Facebook lifeline.