Make a living off summer tourists and dodge the authorities in Beach Boss

Ah, summer. Sun, surf, sand, and tourists, tourists, tourists. Beach Boss is an iOS game that challenges you to profit off tourists in every possible way. Forget going to battle against marauding aliens. Forget saving the free world against enemy armies. Beach Boss is all about what’s really important: making a profit off the suckers who pepper the beach for two months out of the year.

Beach Boss is a top-down endless runner that casts you as a beach vendor. Warning: you’re wearing a weird hat. You need to run down the beach’s shoreline and hock food, trinkets, and other merchandise to the seasonal visitors that are soaking up the sun.

Easier said than done: The Man will make every effort to sweep you off the beach, so look out for policemen and lifeguards. You would think that lifeguards have better things to do, like, uh, making sure people don’t drown, but there you go. Luckily, you can unlock ATVs, surfboards, and skateboards to leave the law in your dust.

 Beach Boss     Beach Boss

And don’t forget: a good-looking merchant is a profitable merchant. As you play through Beach Boss you can pump iron or get a tan to make yourself more appealing to customers. You can also purchase gear that will turn heads—with the added bonus of making you all the more difficult for authorities to catch.

Beach Boss is coming soon, and it’s free to play. Run as free as a stallion in the surf, but don’t forget to hock your cheesy wares.