Synesthetic lets you try to tame your own music collection

Turn off your lights and kick up your feet: it’s time to pump up the volume hard enough to make you start seeing colors. Synesthetic for iOS is an object avoidance game with a loud, colorful premise: the songs on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad are turned into thrumming, pulsating worlds of rainbows and sound. Also, don’t hold us liable if you actually pump your music that loud.

The core concept behind Synesthetic is built around synesthesia itself—essentially, an involuntary cross-breeding of senses that produces a new way to experience a stimulus. One of the most common synesthetic experience is the ability to “see” the color of music, a rare occurrence that Synesthetic sets out to highlight.

Synesthetic     Synesthetic

As you play through Synesthetic, you move your iOS device (or tap on the screen) to dodge objects and stay on track. The level’s visuals change and re-arrange according to the nature of the song you’re listening to. Whereas a classical tune might give you a smooth, calm ride, a thudding, heavy song might mean darker colors and a rougher course. Either way, you’re in for a big challenge. Your mama always said Rock n’ Roll would be your undoing, but even she never foresaw the possibility that your music might literally be used against you.

Synesthetic hits the App Store on July 19, and will work on all iDevices above the 3rd generation, including retina display for the new iPad. Oontz, oontz, oontz.