Manage your own athletes and compete in different events in Medal Bound

The summer heat might be making you feel sleepy, but if you’re a serious athlete, you have no choice but to get up and go. Summer 2012 is an extremely busy time for sports fans thanks to the Olympics, EuroCup, and Wimbledon. The team at HB Studios aims to capture the fun, excitement, and (let’s face it) heartbreak of professional athleticism with Medal Bound, a sports management game that’s coming soon to iOS.

Medal Bound, which is a free-to-play game, challenges you to build up and train a team of inexperienced athletes (sort of like Pokemon, but with less dogfighting). When you think you’re ready for the big time, you can register your stable to compete in different events, including track, cycling, and aquatics. You can also unlock martial arts, gymnastics, and field through in-app purchases.

It’s hard work to train a pack of athletes, even in the digital world. Will you focus on breeding a superstar? Or will you work towards a well-balanced posse of contenders? It’s up to you. Either way, you need to get your team ready before the Torch is lit. Seriously, no one is going to stand around waiting for you while pull your athletes together at the last possible second.

Medal Bound     Medal Bound

Medal Bound hits the App Store soon, so squeeze into those running shorts you haven’t worn in years and get moving.