Just when you thought your wallet was safe as all those fantastic indie bundles began to die down, this hits. The downside: you’ll probably end up selling all of your possessions outside of your computer. The upside: you’ll have some of the best games the industry has to offer at the lowest prices you can find anywhere. The cause of all this madness? It’s the Steam Summer Sale 2012.

I don’t use the term “madness” lightly, either. Portal 2 for just $4.99? Terraria for just $2.49? Valve’s entire library for $49.99? Perhaps the greatest tragedy of the sale is figuring out which games you need vs. which games you want. Only by making this slight distinction can you save yourself from eternal poverty.

In addition to several standard sales, random “flash sales” will be appearing throughout June 22nd. They sit on the right side of your Steam tab, taunting their low prices as their precious timers drop down to zero. If there’s anything on the internet that can keep you refreshing a page for a week and a half, this would be it. You can even vote on which flash sale you’d like to see next!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Steam Store right now and see which games are available! With this many sales, there’s something out there for every gamer on the planet. The only thing stopping you? “The Steam Store is experiencing some heavy load right now. Please try again later.”

Curse you, Steam. Your sales are so crazy, even you can’t contain it.