Great Little War Game gets bigger with its upcoming sequel

Great Little War Game is one of the best titles available on iOS or Android.  For all those gamers out there who’d rather carry around their smartphone than a Gameboy, it is the go-to alternative to the beloved Advance Wars series.  But that might not be doing it justice — Great Little War Game is no mere knock off.  As a turn based strategy game, it stands squarely on its own two feet.  Anyone who knows their way around a grid of hexes should do themselves a favor and give this game a try, if they haven’t already.


Or, you could wait with baited breath like I am for its sequel.  Rubicon Development is upping their game.  Equipped with a 50 level campaign and 70 multiplayer maps, Great Big War Game is just that — big.  I’d go so far as to call it bigger and better.  It’s still the game that fans of the series know, but now with more to love.  Great Big War Game has also gotten itself a facelift.  The graphics are still charmingly cartoony, but they’ve been overhauled and look better than ever.  When it launches, it will be all ready for Apple’s fancy new Retina displays.

One of the most interesting features of Great Big War Game will be cross-platform multiplayer.  Android and iOS players will be able to battle each other asynchronously.  No more will your device’s operating system keep you from playing with your friends.  Use your iPhone to whoop that friend of yours who owns an Android tablet.

Great Big War Game

Great Big War Game

Any wargaming fans, casual or otherwise, take notice.  Great Big War Game will offer a free lite version, with a $2.99 price tag for the fully featured app.  It will launch July 18 on iOS and Android.  See you on the battlefield!