As CEO of popular mobile studio ngmoco and director of mobile/social juggernaut DeNA, Neil Young has a solid idea of what it means to release a successful game. But that success hasn’t left him feeling complacent, and today he posed a very ambitious question to developers in audience at GamesBeat: “Are there opportunities to redefine what top grossing actually means?”

In his opinion, there absolutely is. “Number one on iOS or Android… is somewhere between $60-$100,000. But why only $100,000? Why not $200,000 or $300,000? There’s really no reason.” Young has seen the best of both worlds, encountering success in both the U.S. and Japan (and, ultimately, globally), and there’s no denying this experience has played a large part in his aspiring attitude.

Later in the talk, he offered up a piece of advice for developers and studios looking to help reach that hallmark: “Iterate the *@#% out of your product,” he said, encouraging studios to ignore the negative reviews and work hard on making their game better. Sometimes the best advice is the most obvious, right?

“I don’t think we’re that far away from seeing games across iOS and Android doing consistently $1,000,000 a day.”