The combat continues with Spy vs Spy for iOS

The beloved MAD Magazine Spy vs Spy franchise has been lingering across nearly every form of media over the past 50 years. Across comics, commercials, board games, comics, an animated television series, and videogames, the classic quarrelling duo is beloved by many. It looks like Spy vs Spy fans are about to get the ultimate treat: an iOS remake of the 1984 classic.

The premise of the game is as zany as the original comics themselves: it’s up to you to escape one of several embassies with a top-secret briefcase in hand. Then, you have to locate several items crucial to your operation, including your passport, travelling money, and secret plans. But this isn’t your every day fetch quest – did we mention that your scheming spy nemesis is out to thwart your every move along the way?

In Spy vs Spy, players will embark in matches across 24 different embassies vs. five levels of AI or local/online multiplayer. It’s up to each player to predict the other’s move ahead of time, all while attempting to outsmart your opponent with dozens of different traps and tricks. And when things get ugly, you’ll be forced to duke it out with your opponent in classic club combat.

Spy vs Spy

Fans of the original can play Spy vs Spy exactly how they remember it: the entire original game is available for play alongside the modernized reboot. Want to relive your battles the way they transpired on your Apple II almost 30 years ago – in the palm of your hand? Now you can.

Spy vs Spy is set for a summer release, and we’ll be watching our backs. Just like the spies themselves, you never know when Robots and Pencils, alongside First Star Software, will sneak up on us with a release.