The lord of quests dines on wolf pelts and treasure chests

The smartphone market is a hotbed for nostalgia. It provides a DIY atmosphere for developers, allowing them to avoid the whims of publishers and create the kinds of games they played growing up. QuestLord is just such a game, boasting an appearance and style of gameplay highly similar to PC RPGs in the 80s.

Players will roam the expansive world on a grid movement system, encountering fantastic creatures in need of some good old-fashioned face-punching. And punch them you shall, in a turn-based battle system with all the retro trimmings one could hope for.

The turmoil behind all of this fighting was brought about by the ongoing wars between the Elf Lords. They’re basically jerks, unworthy of the word “lord” in their titles. You, on the other hand, will be working hard and completing quests to earn the title of “QuestLord”. It will be an uphill battle, but no one ever said being a lord was easy – and if they did they’re complete liars.

QuestLord QuestLord

And let us not forget the importance of loot. There will be plenty for you to find in QuestLord, including helmets, armor and amulets. All of these things will assist you in your mission, not to mention grant you the ability to defeat some of the game’s top-shelf enemies. I have a feeling some of these bad guys will be elves, but what do I know?

There’s no release date for QuestLord just yet, but the game’s homepage promises it will be “coming soon!”  That’s often a matter of weeks or months in the realm of iOS, so we should probably take this time to brace ourselves for the oncoming Elf Lords. I’m envisioning some kind of Rocky montage involving raw eggs and running up and down massive flights of stairs.

You should probably go do that.