I took a wrong turn on Bummer Street

I was on my daily stroll, exploring parts of town I’d not yet made it to. I walked block after block, soaking up the window signs promising half-off oven mitts and discount electronics. I approached Oak Street, and decided to check it out. As I carried on, something cropped up in my mind: There are no oak trees on this street. Its name is pointless. Uninviting and obtuse. Then I took a left at Happy Street

Like Godzi Lab’s (formerly Godzilab) previous titles iBlast Moki and iBlast Moki 2, Happy Street is full of colorful visuals. It’s a big part of what makes it so happy, along with the many adorable animals that live on the street.  It’s your job to keep things up and running for those animals, performing tasks like restocking shops to continue generating money. 

Players won’t be in it alone, as the game features a variety of social features, such as the ability to visit the streets of your friends. Doing so provides you with additional stock to take back to your street, though in the game’s current state this can only be done once a day. Godzi Lab also intends to roll out the ability to build a hostel for the villagers that live on your friends’ streets to stay at, with the potential to trade with them.  I can only hope you’re allowed to trade terrible items for excellent ones, if only to mess with your friends. 

Happy Street

On the more whimsical side of the spectrum, you can also dress up the animals of Happy Street, as well as drop bird droppings on them. I don’t know why you’d choose to partake in the latter of those two options, but I’m not here to judge. Just keep in mind that making your villagers happy is an integral part of the experience, and nobody likes a jerk. 

You can also play slots with tokens crafted from moonstones, and change the identity of businesses in your area. A fish market and a bazaar, for instance, can be turned into a seaside market with the addition of a pirate flag. Considering the game is currently being tweaked and improved, I have to imagine this is one of many odd changes you’ll be able to make to your businesses.

Happy Street

The game is currently available on the Canadian App Store, and players who download today will have a chance to experience much of what Godzi Lab had in mind when they mapped out the game. But updates and additions aplenty will be arriving in the weeks ahead – not to mention a worldwide release. Brace yourselves… FOR HAPPINESS!