Relax and shoot some some virtual fish with Fishing Joy 2

Ah, the joy of fishing. All the thrills of the great outdoors, the mosquitos, the stench of fish guts, combing out scales that somehow wound up in your hair, managing to cut your hands open with a fish’s fin—okay, maybe the real joy of fishing is staying at home to do a little virtual fishing with Fishing Joy 2 for iOS.

Put away your fishing rod and net, though: that’s the old and busted way of catching fish. Fishing Joy 2 utilizes weapons and tools, which you shoot at the reams of fish that drift by you. Each fish that you slay earns you coins. The bigger the fish, the more coins you earn. You can use the coins you earn to upgrade your firepower, which will come in handy once sharks start getting all up in your grill (or is that “all up in your gill?”).

Collecting coins is also the main method of leveling up in Fishing Joy 2, and as you gain levels, you unlock new fishing scenes. Each scene offers extremely calming tropical blues, pinks, and oranges. It’s truly scenery to kill fish by.

Fishing Joy 2

Fishing Joy 2

Fishing Joy 2 hits the app store on July 12. Just in time for outdoor cookout season!