Three animals booted out of Noah’s Ark make one last attempt at survival in Catch the Ark

One thing you don’t hear much of in Sunday School is Noah’s raging bias against certain animals that were supposed to be on board the Ark, but kind of, y’know, “went missing” before they could board. When will the mainstream press finally find the stones to talk about Noah’s hatred for unicorns, dragons, and dinosaurs? Maybe never. At least Catch the Ark, an endless-runner game for iOS, will help open up discussion on a topic that’s been taboo for far too long.

Catch the Ark

Catch the Ark is built by PlaySide Studios, a team comprised of former EA employees. The game features three cuddly animals from separate, unidentified species who were barred from the Ark because they came alone and not in pairs. So there you go: Noah hates singles, too.

3D endless-runners are as common as mice in the Ark’s grain bin, but Catch the Ark has a unique trait: the game takes place on the surface of the flooded world. You must help the critters navigate their ramshackle raft over the stormy waters as they dodge objects and take on mini-bossses. As you progress, you can even decorate the critters’ raft. Hey, if you’re going to make one last desperate attempt for survival in the throes of Armageddon, you may as well do it in style.

Catch the Ark will be available for iOS in Q3 2012. Grab your bathing suit, you might get a little drenched.