Developer Per Blue gets bitten by the zombie bug in Parallel Zombies

If there is one thing that has infected the collective cultural mindset over the last ten years or so, it’s zombies. From movies to books and especially games, the living dead can be found running amuck in almost every form of media. PerBlue–a Madison, Wisconsin based mobile developer—has now seen their hit “Parallel” series of titles get bit with the zombie virus, and the company seems set on breaking new life to the undead.

In Parallel Zombies, gamers will take to the streets to fight for their lives in a post-apocalyptic world. Thanks to the GPS technology that PerBlue has mastered in their previous outings with location-based titles, the zombies will be knocking on your door. But you won’t be left totally helpless in your battle. You’ll be able to join up with friends to blast through the hordes.

Scattered across the map of your forsaken city will be buildings that represent different landmarks. Hospitals in real life correlate to hospitals in game and other buildings house NPCs and quests. Specific landmarks–the example given was the White House–will hold special missions only accessible from that location. Hopping into any quest will lead you through some dark alleys and will take terrifying turns, so it can’t hurt to buddy up. Any mission can be taken on with partners playing nearby, so you’ll never have to go it alone.

Parallel Zombies

Breaking from the mechanics of their previous titles, PerBlue opted to offer survivors in Parallel Zombies action-based combat. You’ll move across the map, blasting on-comers in real time instead of clicking and waiting. A tap of the attack button will take a swing with an axe or unload a shotgun round directly into a zombie. It feels extremely rewarding, especially with the new art style that features some genuinely terrifying zombies and very bloody remains.

Another benefit of the new graphics is a big one – three times as big. That’s how much more sizable the avatars in Parallel Zombies will be compared to previous titles. The reason for this? Player attachment. PerBlue representative Ellie Humphrey explained that the company noticed players got very involved with their avatar, so making it more prevalent was a top priority with this title’s art direction.

Parallel Zombies

Still around from previous PerBlue titles? The excellent RPG elements, including a revamped skill tree and improved marketplace. Also the crafting system has returned, which should harbor no complaints to players of other Parallel titles.

With tons of familiar features that were embraced by hundreds of thousands of players and some fast-paced action and zombie-killing goodness, Parallel Zombies looks like a very promising offering into the mobile MMO market. Survive the end of the world–with a little help from your friends.