Move over, Captain America

The main thing most people know about Antarctica is that it’s freezing cold. It’s not exactly a hospitable place, and the only people that ever stay there are scientists working at research stations. It desperately needs some kind of mascot; someone (or something) that sheds some light on what things are like there. It’s a tall order, but one that the upcoming iOS game Captain Antarctica just might be able to fill.



Captain Antarctica is not exactly your typical hero. He’s a rocket-equipped penguin on an endless (and speedy) quest downward. He’s on a mission to rescue his family and friends, as well as take out any and all enemies that get in his way. Many of them are no match for his gift of speed, but the game’s unique bosses will require both skill and strategy to defeat.

Of what’s been shown of the game so far, I’ve found myself the most impressed by its graphics. They’re stylish and vibrant, in the exact way one would expect from a lighthearted game about penguins. And did I mention the penguins themselves are adorable? They totally are.
Captain Antarctica Not only will it show us all what Antarctica is like, but it will educate us on the more heroic side of penguins. Sure, they go on long treks in the name of staying alive, but they also know a thing or two about soaring through the ocean with the aid of a jet.

You learn something new every day.